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Spooky Trick or Treat Sign

The Halloween craft I’m going to share with you is a spidery “Trick or Treat” sign. It’s pretty quick to make but is very effective and is one of those decorations that you could get out year after year. It can also be made using brown cardboard so great for repurposing part of a cardboard delivery box.

You will need:

  • Brown paper or cardboard

  • Permanent marker

  • Hole punch

  • String

  • PVA glue

  • White ready mix paint

  • Straw

  • Glitter if you wish

  • Small spiders

Start with some brown paper, card or cardboard. Mine is A5 size but you could make your sign bigger if you wish. If you are using paper then you’ll need to stick it onto some card, to make it a bit stronger. If you don’t have any brown card or paper, you could always paint some white card brown and let it dry before doing the next step.

Next, use a black pen (preferably a permanent pen so it doesn’t smudge when you use the paint and glue). I use a sharpie but any permanent black pen will do. First of all, add your “Trick or Treat” caption. You could swap this for other wording if you prefer, such as “Happy Halloween” or “Boo!”. Then add wood detailing, as below.

Next you need to mix white paint, PVA glue and water (the ready mix paint from any children’s craft section of a shop will do). The mixture needs to be runny enough to be blown around with a straw so keep adding water bit by bit until you get the right consistency. You could test this out on a spare piece of paper until it’s just right.

Once your paint is ready, spoon a little bit onto your brown paper, grab a paper straw and gently blow the paint. If you’re careful, you can get the paint to spread out in thin branches, just like a spindley spider web. If, however, your little one is short of puff, like my little Poppy, it looks just as effective if it ends up as a random splatter! Don’t worry if it goes over your writing – the PVA part of the mixture will dry clear so you’ll still be able to see the wording through the dried, watered down paint.

While your paint and glue mixture is still wet, you can add some white or silver glitter and some little spiders. Ours came in a little pack or you could make or draw your own.

Once the sign is dry, you can add some holes and string or twine, then VOILA! Your spooky, spidery Halloween sign is complete!


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