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Woollen Pumpkin Wreath with FREE printable

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

What better way to get ready for pumpkin season than to add some cute, cosy decorations to your home?

This pumpkin wreath would work for both adults and children, and there are all sorts of ways that you could personalise it to your taste.

To start with you’ll need some cardboard, the printable template (which I’ll add to the bottom of the page), scissors and some wool.  I’ve gone for a classic, bright orange for this first one but, as you’ll see in the pictures, I did branch out for my second wreath.

Using the template, cut a pumpkin shape out of cardboard, with a gap in the middle.  Don’t worry if it looks a bit rough around the edges as the wool will hide all those bits.

Next, cut your first length of wool and tie it to your pumpkin.  Technically, I guess you could get away with not tying it and just wrapping the wool over it a few times but, especially with children, I found that tying it kept the start of the wool in place a bit easier.

Now wrap your wool around the pumpkin, as shown in the pictures.  Every time my length of wool ran out I tied a new length to the end.

Keep going until you get all the way round.  When I reached the section under the stalk, I crisscrossed my wool over a few times until there was no more cardboard showing through.

For very little children you could get them to paint the cardboard orange first.  This makes it extra fun and also means that, should their wool wrapping be a bit sparse, there won’t be chunks of brown cardboard peeking through the gaps.

For my other wreaths I went for a lovely, chunky autumnal wool.  It’s one with various colours on it and I love the effect.

I also used up some sparkly wool.  These came in a pack that I ordered last year, from Amazon and, what can I say? It really was a case of “read the size carefully before you order”.  I did laugh when these dolly-sized balls of wool turned up! I hadn’t really found a use for them until now.  I think the gold specks look lovely on the pumpkins and they really catch the light in the evenings.

Adding a hole and some string to the stalk of your pumpkin means you can hang it up wherever you like.

My daughters and I decided to decorate our pumpkins to make them extra special but couldn’t decide whether to go for a Halloween or an Autumn style…so we chose both!  Which do you prefer?

Woollen Pumpkin Wreath Children's Craft Activity - Free printable Template
Woollen Pumpkin Wreath - free printable template

Woollen Pumpkin Wreath Template
Download PDF • 473KB


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