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Five Currant Buns

Hi everybody,

So today I have a fairly quick little craft for you, which is a great little activity for little ones, AND can be reused a few times! Winner!

Today I’m going to show you how to make five currant buns to go with the counting song of the same name. Now, the currant buns that Heather and I have made have icing and sprinkles on top which isn’t necessarily a traditional currant bun (don’t tell Paul Hollywood!) but any opportunity for some sparkle goes down well in this house!


  • I’ve started with five circles of cardboard. If you didn’t have any then you could use some brown paper or paint/colour some paper brown.

  • Next draw some currants on them using a black pen or paint.

  • Draw round your cardboard circle on white paper and draw the shape of the icing in the middle of it (see pictures below)

  • Cut the icing out and stick on top of each cardboard bun

  • Add a cherry on top. This could be done using a button, some glitter, some red paper, paint or crayons.

  • Add some “sprinkles” if you wish.

Now you have some very tasty looking currant buns and you can use them to sing the some “Five Currant Buns”. This is a great song for practising counting to five – although I’m not sure there’s anywhere in the world where you can buy such a thing for a penny, let’s face it!


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