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Wooden Bunting

Triangular Bunting
Please enjoy browsing the triangular bunting.
More designs will be added soon.  
If you have a different colour scheme or design in mind, or you would like a longer string of bunting, please get in touch as custom orders are always welcome.

Happy Hen Bunting

Chicken Bunting - Photo shoot.jpg
Chickens All.jpg
Chicken Group 4.jpg

A warm welcome from the happy hens.

Have a browse through the different hens available below.   
Add a few to your basket and I will turn them into an egg-citing string of bunting for you.

Will your flock be made up of all different hens? 
Or maybe you'd prefer just two of your favourites, alternating along your string of bunting.
Perhaps you have a specific order in mind...just let me know.

Once together on the string, I will leave a short gap between each hen (social distancing and all that!), however, with a bit of coaxing, the girls can be shuffled along the string if you would prefer them to sit closer together.

Alternatively, each can be bought as a single chicken, with twine, to be displayed on her own. 


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