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Back in her younger days, lying under a heat lamp, Florence was once referred to as a "hot chick". She took this literally and now regards herself as the Marylin Munroe of the poultry world.


Most likely to be found strutting her stuff, preening her feathers and gazing at herself in any reflective surface.



Florence measures approximately 10cm x 10cm at her widest points.


She can be purchased as a single, hanging decoration. Alternatively, she can be bought along with several of her fellow hens, meaning I can string them altogether into a lovely bit of chicken themed bunting for you.


Please note, colours may look ever so slightly different in person,  due to screen variations.


  • Production Time

    It takes time to round up the hens and make sure they are looking their best so please allow 1-2 weeks from ordering to dispatch.

  • Shipping

    Royal Mail First Class


  • BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

    Add code GOLDENHEN at checkout to qualify for the discount.

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