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The New Forest

Highland Cow with Wellies - low res png_

Having grown up on the edge of the New Forest, the National Park has always had a special place in my heart.

Bit by bit I aim to create a collection inspired by the beauty of The New Forest and the livestock that call it home.

New Forest Facts

  • The New Forest is home to thousands of ponies, that are allowed to roam freely.  They are owned by people called commoners.  There are also cattle, donkeys, pigs and sheep.  These animals are allowed to roam near roads and villages so please be respectful, drive slowly and carefully and do not feed them.  This helps to keep them safe.

  • The area of The New Forest is approximately 219 square miles.

  • The New Forest can be found on the south coast of the UK, between Bournemouth and Southampton.

  • Only part of The New Forest is made up of actual forest.  There is also heathland, coastline, farmland, and marshes.

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